Amani Production House is a full-service production company aiming at raising the standards of film and TV production by telling progressive African stories as seen through the eyes of Africans.
We specialize in both local and International productions to tell quality unique stories in various ways and genres providing services from script to screen.

Doreen Mirembe is a 30 year-old award-winning actress, writer and producer of the award-winning film ‘A Dog Story’. She was awarded best actress of the year 2016 at Pearl International Film Festival.

She has acted in film, stage plays and adverts. She is highly disciplined and has respect for her work and very passionate about acting and film making. “Film is the one thing I want to do for the rest of my life and I’m working towards having a great career as a write and film maker”, says Doreen. She started acting in high school, and recently finished Script writing with Maisha Film School. She has written,  produced and acted in 2 short films; A Dog Story and Nector and working on a feature film ‘KAFA COH’. Mirembe also played a cameo role on the Mira Nair’s 2016 film ‘Queen of Katwe’. She has also worked in television and played Dr. Stephan on NTV drama series titled ‘Deception’. She also played Honorable Spe  on another NTV drama series The Honourablez and on an NBS TV high school drama Kyaddala as Nurse Betty.


We specialize in both local and international productions to tell quality unique stories in various ways and genres providing services from script to screen.

A Dog Story

Atim a young woman in her efforts to escape her abductor Bongwat comes face to face with the reality of what it means to be an abductee and the consequence of unrequited his love.


Mpanga a dissatisfied and tired married man wakes up in the middle of the night determined to kill his wife. In a marriage filled with layers of pain, psychological trauma and misunderstandings, Mpanga will stop at nothing to kill his wif…

Kafa Coh (Coming Soon)

This is a story of the fight for power at the behest of justice. The fight hijacks a young naïve lawyer, Sandrah Atika Alexis who finds herself in the centre of a battleground of two political – heavyweights.

Amani Team Members.

Besides our Founder, these are the creative minds and skilled hands of our senior staff members who have great experience in the film production industry shared their expertise with some of the newer members of our team along the way. Together, we have continued to evolve with the changing landscape of this industry.

Sound Recordist and Mixer


Isima Ssemujju is a professional sound recordist and mixer who switched from acting. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in drama and film from Makerere University Department of Performing Arts and Film. He also holds a Diploma in Documentary and Audio-Visual Storytelling from Africa Movie Academy in Kigali-Rwanda. Isima has worked as a sound recordist on several projects that include The Campus TV series,
The Surrogate, The Bad Mexican, Sixteen Rounds, MTN MOMO nyabo campaigns (2018 and 2019), The Fly Uganda Campaigns, among others. He has also worked on Tv shows like The Honorables, Mizigo Express, Mpeke Town, Mistakes Gals Do, Sanyu, Mama and Me , Second
Chance, Jangu Tulye and several documentaries and reality TV shows. Isima is also passionate about Production Management, Producing for film and Tv, Stage Management, acting and music. In his free time, Isima will either be dancing to good music or cracking jokes with friends about the betterment of the performing arts sector in Uganda. Seeing performers deliver their roles in a comfortable way makes Isima smile because as a performer and now doing artists management on several theatrical shows and festivals, he wants performers to go on stage or in front of cameras ready to deliver.

Creative Writer


Mentored by Judith Lucy Adong, Maisha Film Club, Matt Bell and Denis Hilton Reed among others, Luswata Musa is a creative writer who started his trade in 2013 writing for Theatre but soon after found his passion and speciality as a screenwriter. From Africa broadcasting to Vision group, First track to Train up a child international, he has written for some of the most promising and most notable country companies with a goal to achieve two things:
1. Tell African stories in the best way possible
2. Inspire and train other screen-writers 

His belief is that film is not a one-man endeavour and therefore the more experienced, talented and seasoned writers and by extension filmmakers there are in the industry, the better the industry because it will lead to healthy collaborations and greater quality. His strength is telling AFRICAN STORIES through a cinematic eye/lens while borrowing a Hollywood/international execution and by his own admission, when it comes to those great African stories, we as a continent have just scratched the surface.

Creative Writer


Bwanika Esther is a graduate of Social Work and Social Administration (SWASA) from Makerere University and a Business owner of an import and export company. Ever since Esther was young, she has always had a burning desire and love for film and the Arts.
She has worked on several film projects both on crew and cast such as;
Felicita’s Febu and Love makanika both by Dilman Dila, Kafa Coh and Dog Story both by Doreen Mirembe, king of the Darkness, Urban Tv’s Original show “The Coffee Shop”, The route & Kate and Kent both by Jayant Maru, The counsellor and Everyday people, both by Moses Ray, The funeral scene, Dstv’s original show “Prestige”, Short films with Maisha Film Lab, Theatre productions such as “ The river and the mountain”, Flash/Street Theater productions and among so many other productions.
Esther is passionate about Acting, Producing, Production Management, Directing and Assistant Directing. Those are the roles she has taken upon the above productions and among others.
Seeing our Film and Arts industry growing is a dream being realised for Esther and she’s actively involved in achieving that.
Film has been and will always be Esther’s, first LOVE!


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